Thursday, October 2, 2008

Powder Coating

My god, I almost feel like I've abandoned you guys in the powder coating blog. I just wanted to pop in and drop a note that I've just been extremely busy at our shop. My rookie (who is also my right hand man) has left and went to school up at wyotech, so I am without the one person I could depend on to take care of some of the load of grunt work. I haven't even had a chance to get around to doing any powder coating lately (since it's not my main business) and have been swamped with 12 volt installs and car audio accessories lately.

I know I have a lot of readers on here in the short time this site has been active, and I'm very glad you guys have made this powder coating blog work. Some time next week I'm going back to the ole garage to do some more powder coating on wheels, so will finally have a full, step by step guide to powder coating wheels.

In the mean time, if anybody stops by the powder coating blog and is remotely good with graphics, it would be a huge help if someone could design an image banner for the site. You'll get due credit for your work, I have just come to the conclusion that while I'm incredible at custom powder coating, I can't make an image look good on a computer to save my life, so I'm at your mercy :).

I'll have some new updates soon though, including a very cheap easy to setup powder coating system for larger items, as well as some tips for preparations on them and all too.